Tremac inc, FIBC, Big Bags, Bulk Bags | Packaging benefits and solutions
Tremac inc, FIBC, Big Bags, Bulk Bags | Packaging benefits and solutions | Tremac
Let's wrap your success
Let's wrap your success

Transport, delivery FIBC and Big Bags

The advantages of Tremac Big Bags

At Tremac, we do more than sell you Big Bags, we accompany you from the analysis of your needs to the after-sales service in order to ensure that the bulk bags (bulk bags) that you obtain meet in all points to your needs.

Des Big Bags livrés rapidement

Big Bags delivered quickly

With a vast knowledge of container imports from Asia, one of the competitive advantages of Tremac Inc. is the especially speedy delivery. We are able to guarantee that you will receive your order within a maximum of 12 weeks

Entreposage et livraison de vos Big Bags

Storage and delivery of your Big Bags

Tremac Inc. stores its customers’ standard sizes to meet their urgent needs. Our warehouse is located at St-Majorique in central Quebec. In addition, we also offer inventory management service in our warehouse if you wish. Finally, we have agreements with many trucking companies. We are able to take charge of your deliveries as quickly as possible!

Impression et personnalisation de vos Big Bags

Printing and personalization of your Big Bags

We also offer our customers the ability to print their logo on the bulk bags. We are able to print on 1 to 4 sides in 1 to 4 colours. This option is very interesting for our customers, since the additional printing cost is minimal. Product quality and competitive pricing: For our business partners, quality control is very important. We are able to guarantee on a consistent basis a high quality product at the best price on the market.

Des bulk bags de qualité à prix concurrentiel

Quality Bulk Bags at competitive prices

The rigorous quality control demonstrated by each of our partners allows us to offer you high quality bulk bags, consistently and at the best price on the market.

Création de bulk bags à la demande des clients
Creation of bulk bags at the request of customers

At Tremac Inc. nothing is impossible; we can develop a product that will perfectly match your needs depending on your project. Our team of representatives trained has the necessary skills to counsel you towards reaching your goals!

Suivi après-vente

Tremac's after-sales follow-up

After-sales service is very important to us. We guarantee support to ensure our products meet your expectations.

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