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Tremac, specialist in industrial packaging

Tremac is a 2nd generation company serving its customers since 1998. Thanks to its expertise of more than 20 years in distribution and international negotiation as well as its knowledge in the field of industrial packaging, the company offers its customers high quality turnkey solutions for the supply of Big Bags.

On the lookout for new technologies as well as environmental aspects, Tremac is constantly innovating to always give more to its customers thanks in particular to the launch of the first online store of dedicated 100% to the purchase of Big Bags in Canada as well as to its green project which will one day give a 2th life to all Big Bags already used in Canada.


Tremac, spécialiste en emballage industriel, Big Bag, FIBC.


Business Development Manager

Francis joined the family business in 2011 after completing his studies in finance. Passionate about business and innovation, he is currently responsible for carrying out the green project.


Founder and Mentor

Martial has over 40 years of business experience. He currently acts as a mentor to his sons Francis and Alexandre while having an eye on the good management of the company.


Director of Operations

Alexandre joined the family business in 2014 after completing his studies in accounting. Thanks to his expertise and knowledge of industrial trade, he is responsible for the operations of the company.

Tremac, leader in the distribution of high-performance Big Bags


Always design a product that will perfectly suit your needs.


A quality inspector at our manufacturer for rigorous control before shipment.


Innovative solutions that find their source in our listening to the challenges of our customers.

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